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1 year of progress

Josh with his year of progress. He’s made a lot of gain withing the first year in his overall lifting. You’ll see the transformation of his technique, strength, and speed. Continue reading 1 year of progress



San Diego Sports Domination

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By Digital News Agency

Days ahead of the start of the Winter Olympics 2014, Team USA head to Munich for the Team Processing to begin their journey to Sochi 2014.

Each athlete will go to Team Processing to have their Ralph Lauren opening and closing ceremony uniforms tailored for when they step out onto the world’s biggest stage to represent Team USA.

An official outfitter of the U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Teams since 2008, Ralph Lauren has designed Team USA’s 2014 Official Opening and Closing Ceremony Parade Uniforms as well as a unique collection of village wear apparel and accessories, all of which embody the spirit of American athleticism and sportsmanship.

The 230-member 2014 U.S. Olympic Team consists of 106 returning Olympians, including 13 Olympic champions.

Sochi 2014 is the first Winter Olympics to be held in Russia since the break-up of the Soviet Union. With the rise of  freestyle skiing…

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Sprinting for Results

Bolt 100m 2012 Olympics
Bolt 100m 2012 Olympics

It’s no mystery everyone wants to have an amazing body that they can show off at any time. So lots of times, we focus on trying to decrease our body fat levels through cardio. That’s why you see so many people jogging on the treadmill or biking for hours on end. Although long duration of low intensity cardiovascular exercises will get you results ,they tend to get boring and repetitive to the point we want to give up. So what should we do? Why not get off the “human hamster-wheels” go outside and do some sprints! Not only will you break through the monotony of your current cardio routine, but you’ll burn fat, build muscle and the best part is you can do it anywhere!

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