Bringas Athletics’s mission is to promote athletic growth and an active lifestyle. We do this by teaching our clients how to plan their workouts and optimize their performance through individualized programs.

Bringas Athletics throws away the idea of a “cookie cutter” workout because we know everyone is different and it’s almost impossible to reach your full potential by doing what everyone else is doing. Here, we customize programs for athletes to correct weaknesses while continue building their strengths. By focusing on individual needs, we create high level athletes as well as reduce sport related injuries. We will work with anyone, regardless of their fitness level, willing to strive for the best. Whether you want to get better at sports, build muscle, strength, power, speed, or lose fat, Bringas Athletics will Unleash Your Potential.


Why Bringas Athletics?

Unlike regular personal trainers, our coaches are certified beyond a CPT (Certified Personal Trainer). Our Coaches hold a variety of certifications: USA Weightlifting Sports Performance Coach, CSCS (Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist), Bachelors in Kinesiology: Fitness Specialist, CWF (Chinese Weightlifting Federation). We have worked with a variety of sports teams: Women’s Volleyball, Women’s Lacrosse,  Men and Women’s Soccer, Men and Women’s Golf, Men’s Tennis, Track and Field, Football, Rugby, Swim and Dive, Basketball, Olympic Weightlifting, MMA, Crossfit, Rowing, and many more. Whatever you want to achieve, Bringas Athletics will help you get there. We will personalize a program to fit your needs.

How do you personalize my program?

First is that we find the right scheduling for you. Next we assess you strengths and weaknesses (flexibility, cardiovascular, sport specificity, etc.). Next you will be assigned a coach that will walk you throughout your program. Then, depending on how many time you commit to coming in, we will create the right program for you to get you on track towards your goals.

Will I only be allowed to come in during my scheduled time?

You can come in anytime!

I am not an athlete but I want to look like one, do I get the same treatment?

Bringas Athletics welcomes anyone with the drive to feel healthier to come in and join the team. And yes you will be treated like one of our athletes.

Are the coaches like drill sergents?

No, our coaches will motivate you to improve, but are not drill sergents that scream at your face if you can’t finish a workout. We will help you get through it with proper motivation techniques.


$60 per session (Spring/Summer Special $45) $100 3 sessions(Spring/Summer Special $80) $200 8 sessions(Spring/Summer Special $160) Specialty: $130 Olympic weightlifting/powerlifting/crossfit (2 sessions) Valid through 08/31/2014 Regular Pricing due to change December 2014 for monthly membership with unlimited access to Training Facility during open gym hours.

Sounds great! How do I sign up?

Fill out the form below and list specific goals that you want to achieve.



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