March Athlete of the Month: Nick

Congratulations, Nick, for becoming Bringas Athletics’ March Athlete of the month! Here is his story:

My name is Nick Passanisi from the San Francisco Peninsula, in my past I played football and to this day I continue to stay active by playing basketball, lifting, and pick up games. Recently I was introduced to the correct form of olympic lifting, as what I had been doing previously needed improvement. About a year and a half ago I sustained a back injury. With my stubborn mind, I neglected to take proper care of the injury; however, new/correct lifting habits have helped me reach my old pain free self.

Nick deadlifts 275lbs pain free
Nick deadlifts 275lbs pain free

My aspirations for the future include attending the fire academy as well as being a strength and conditioning coach. I believe Olympic lifting and the coaching from Josh and Derrick will help me not only perfect form, but allow myself to handle any physical issue presented in the fire field. The reason I continue to lift the way I do is due to the pleasure I get from physical activity and the sense of accomplishment when you notice the aesthetic and kinesthetic feel from a perfect repetition. Although I do have a lot of improvement in my future, progress is still progress.

I was exposed to a lot of physical activities as a child from my dad lifting weights with me in a car seat observing to later in life doing agility training for an upcoming season. I look to educate my offspring in the future as well as many others as I am nearing the end of my undergraduate degree in Kinesiology at SDSU. Even though time has been limited with Bringas Athletics, I believe I have gained a lot of applied knowledge from these men. A huge thank you to BA!

Here is Nick improving on his Clean form:

Congrats, Nick! You deserve it!

If you would like to be like Nick and recover from injuries, contact us!

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