February Athlete of the Month: Taylor

Bringas Athletics would like to honor Taylor as our first Athlete of the month! Although no longer competing in D1 sports, she continues to stay active through daily workouts and running marathons. Here’s her story:

Fitness and athletics has been apart of my daily routine since day one. Literally, my mother taught step aerobics and spin classes up until the day before my birth. I was exposed to it from the womb. When people ask me how I discipline myself to working out everyday my response is always, “I don’t know how to be lazy.” Lying around all day or not being productive is simply something I do not know how to do.

Growing up, watching television or playing video games was not an option for my brother or I. My parents invested in a back yard wonderland full of toys, including a jungle gym, tetherball and basketball court. If I wasn’t in my backyard playing then I was at some sports practice or at a YMCA daycare. By the time I was fourteen years old I had tried soccer, softball, baseball, volleyball, figure skating, gymnastics, ballet, horse back riding and tennis. After being exposed to practically every sport imaginable my parents told me to pick one sport that I could dedicate my time. It was not a hard decision at all, instantly I knew that soccer was the sport I wanted to pursue and devote every minute to. It became my passion for eleven years. I was a year round athlete, eating, sleeping and breathing soccer. I played for a team that was ranked sixth in the country traveling four hours a night, three times per week for a three-hour practice. On top of the tedious commute, games could be anywhere from an hour to five hours away twice a week. Not only was this team a time commitment, but a physical and emotional one as well. My cleats were my Louboutins, shin guards was my Burberry coat and soccer ball was my Porsche Cayenne Turbo SUV. To say I was obsessed would be an understatement. Life without soccer was unimaginable and becoming a professional, like my idol Mia Hamm, was my greatest ambition in life. However, like all preteens, I was a capricious as the next one. In eighth grade, I was recruited to play for a volleyball club team, and after one practice, my life goal had once again shifted, professional volleyball. I traded my soccer ball for a volleyball.

My four years of high school was full of bruised knees, floor burns, sore wrists and aching quads because of my new passion. I stopped at nothing and careless threw my body all over the court. Like soccer, volleyball became my life, my team became my family and my coaches were my parents. Senior year I was titled the second best defensive libero in the state of Massachusetts with over four hundred digs in just that season alone. I aspired to play in college and be the next Misty May. When college applications rolled around, I focused more on contacting college coaches than the school application itself. Once again, life without volleyball was unthinkable. But all of that changed, yet again, the second I stepped foot on the campus of San Diego State University.

Accepting my admissions to SDSU meant having to give up a huge part of my life. Playing on a division one team was highly unlikely. I was torn, stressed and simply did not know what to do. I defined myself as an athlete and being apart of a sports team was a lifestyle I accustomed myself to.  However, I accepted this challenge because my desire for attending San Diego State University was consuming. Making this transition was difficult, but I took this opportunity to explore other activities. For instance, I joined a Sorority and still found ways to stay active. I participated in intramural sports as well as working out daily at the Aztec Recreational Center.  I found different outlets to satiate my athleticism.

Three and a half years later, I am still as active, if not more, exposing myself to new routines. Being involved in aerobically demanding sports easily transitioned into becoming an avid distance runner. Currently, I am apart of a running team that is training for the La Jolla Rock ‘n Roll half marathon this coming April. I have participated in multiple 5K’s and always aspired in completing a half marathon. The training is rigorous and tiring, but running is my life hobby. It is the common thread between soccer and volleyball and the one consistent aspect of my life.  My end goal is to run the Boston marathon one day.

People ask why I run or work out. I say, “if you have to ask, you will never understand.” Its something only a select few know because those who put themselves through the pain know deep down how good it feels.  Once an athlete, always an athlete.

"Once an athlete. Always an athlete."
“Once an athlete. Always an athlete.”

There you have it folks, our Athlete of the month! Congratulations, Taylor!

If you would to be featured on our page, send us your story.


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