Sprinting for Results

Bolt 100m 2012 Olympics
Bolt 100m 2012 Olympics

It’s no mystery everyone wants to have an amazing body that they can show off at any time. So lots of times, we focus on trying to decrease our body fat levels through cardio. That’s why you see so many people jogging on the treadmill or biking for hours on end. Although long duration of low intensity cardiovascular exercises will get you results ,they tend to get boring and repetitive to the point we want to give up. So what should we do? Why not get off the “human hamster-wheels” go outside and do some sprints! Not only will you break through the monotony of your current cardio routine, but you’ll burn fat, build muscle and the best part is you can do it anywhere!

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The Power Snatch

The Power Snatch is a variation of a full snatch (a.k.a. squat snatch) that limits lower body movement. This exercise is commonly used by weightlifters to help develop power and strengthen a portion of the pull during the snatch. Not only does it build upper back strength, but also an athletes external rotators. It proves to be vital for many athletes to learn this movement as it also helps develop vertical jump.

Much like the snatch, the power snatch can be executed in various positions: floor, below knee, above knee, or hip.

Here is a video of a power snatch from the floor coupled with a snatch from above knee. You will see the difference in catch heights. The power snatch is caught higher and a snatch is caught in the squat position.